Making Herbal Smoking Blends

Let’s go beyond the typical uses of herbs and roll into the the world of herbal smoking blends. These beneficial blends are great for lowering dependency on tobacco and for mixing with other herbs. We will discuss how to formulate your own smoking blend, safe herbs for smoking, and why one would smoke herbs. Each participant will leave with a PDF with a list of herbs that are safe for smoking, expanded knowledge on specific herbs, the 3 steps to smoking blend formulation, and a take home bag of a blend we will create together. After the class we will go out into the park right outside to test out our herbal blend.

Led by DC herbalist April Rameé, the creatrix of Antler Alchemy, as we play alchemy, taste, touch, and smell herbs that will assist in your creation of herbal smoking blends. All materials are included & no herbal experience required.

April 20, 2019
Time: 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Sky House Yoga
1111 Spring Street
Suite 320
Silver Spring, Maryland 20910 US
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Spaces Left: 12 Capacity: 20
Event Prices:
$20.00 - Donation
$25.00 - Donation
$30.00 - Donation